Thursday, October 25, 2007

A long awaited ending (of waiting)

From the Depths comes a band who's willingness to survive is only outdone by it's desire to ROCK
Helllllooooo!! Long time since I posted, I always check the blog to see if anyone else will post, but to no avail... Which I don't mind as long as our practices keep going how they have been. We are not able to practice our entire set..NICE!! Our goal is to play shows soon(think 08') The Album is being remixed AGAIN..Sheesh. I can tell you we will NOT put it out until we are satisfied that it is wicked awesome!! Things should come together soon for us to begin promoting and selling the record along with t-shirts and other such things... So if you are still out there waiting, THE END (of waiting) DRAWS NEAR!!


P.S. If anyone fro the band is reading this...LOG IN AND BLOG RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


We are back from the dead!!! I honestly thought that Samuel Caldwell's Revenge was no more. We teetered on the brink of destruction. We are still on the ledge but we are slowly backing away from impending DOOM!! Most of the month of September we did not practice nor work on the recording. The departure of Ricardo caused a lot of strain on the band along with Lazy-ness and a priority change for a few of the members. ALL IS NOT LOST. We began rehearsing again last Sunday and had another rehearsal on Tuesday as well. It looks like we may be getting on a Schedule again. Th album will be completed. There are some financing issues, but even though we did very little to advance the record, Red (good friend to the band and photoshop semi-master) has been working on the Layout for the record. So do not fret. We fell back down, but were gonna get back up again, we hope you are there!!



Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well, Here's an update....
We all got together and have been working on Thank you lists, credits, and lyrics. We are about 35% done with the layout of the record. Still need a few things. We have worked on the order of the tracks(still working on that). I have been listening to the songs exclusively and have some changes I want to make (minor changes) as well, there is a lot more work to be done, but we are excited. I have also been getting quotes on the production cost of the CD, things are looking promising..
On the status of the band... We are currently working with a new drummer. His name is John(Black Ops) He is an old friend from my days working at guitar center. He is very dedicated and works really hard. Hopefully we will be ready to play some shows once the record is done!! We will also be working on NEW material...NICE!!

There it is THE UPDATE!!!


Sunday, August 12, 2007

As I type this....

Hi All,
I'm as pleased as all outdoors to let you know I am now able to blog from the studio yet again! SUPER WICKED. I'm sitting here at DANG!STUDIOS going over all the backups and harmonies. Doing a little edit there a little fade there and just smoothing out the jagged parts. I am uber-excited! The record is in it's final stages as all songs are now complete and most are going through their fourth round of mixes. The Stuff on the the myspace is NOT complete! All songs are going through a very extensive reviewing process!

Oh and our search for a drummer might not take as long as we thought... More to come!!



Saturday, August 11, 2007

i'M DruNK.. I love u guys!!!

haha you know what.. youd have to be a crazy person to not wanna be in this band.. we fuckin rock. mark my words.. we will succeed, we will rock your moms balls and nobody and nothing will stop us.. fuck anything or anyone that stands in the way!!! SCR-4 life bitches!! woooo haha =p


and so the truth comes out..

So it seems a new bit of information has come to light, apparently ricardo has been practicing with another band and was waiting for us to slip up so he could have a cop-out. I new this was all a big heap of BS.. that explains quite a lot and it's kind of sad that he couldnt just tell us the truth. Instead he chose to take shots at us and make us out to be a bunch of douchebags when it was really all about his own personal ventures. I wondered why such a talented musician would just walk away from his only(so I thought) outlet for music, It didnt make sense.. and come to think of it he has been making a lot of mistakes lately.. probably had too many other bands songs in his head.. oh well. that really says a lot about his character though, and I cant help feeling a bit angry and betrayed by the whole thing..

as I said before we are moving right along.. Ive been blasting myspace, craigslist, and my friends for a couple of days with some nice results.. I'm putting together a list of names and phone numbers and It's looking like we will be holding auditions soon!

anyways just thought that tidbit of info should be known.. practice resumes on monday drummer or not! see you guys there.. wicked!


Friday, August 10, 2007

The end of an era..

Ricardo has officially left SCR.. I think we all new this was not his passion and Its been an issue for a long time.. he left us with a long drawn out list of what I will say are excuses in his fancy doctor words.. it read as follows....

"As you know I have decided to leave SCR. Here is a sum up of the text conversation I had with Tony. Also, I have expanded my response to include more detail. Good luck and I really hope you guys figure it all out. Don’t worry Will, no hard feelings now that I’m out of the band. I really do wish you guys the best, and hope you succeed. Basically, what triggered most of this comes down to the behaviors displayed by Shaun and Will. After Monday’s rehearsal I got to thinking. As you recall, last year you guys kicked me out of the band for similar reasons: I had to miss some practices because of school. Keep in mind that I missed practice last year because of my PhD – a doctorate level degree. Will misses practices because he has no gas. Shaun misses practices because he has to work. Possibly both situations are unavoidable, but the fact that no one but me (maybe Tony as well but probably not in the same way as I do) sees a problem with the band situation makes me realize just how expendable I am to this group. Also, (Shaun and Will) understand that I’m not trying to undermine any hardships you may be going through in your personal lives, but this courtesy was overlooked on your end when you kicked me out the first time. Quite unfair (personally) and unprofessional (business tactics) considering what you are doing now, and what you did to me then. Regardless, this letter should be viewed as purely business and not personal. If you recall our conversation the first time I had to leave the band: it was all business and not personal. I extended that courtesy to you, and I hope you extend it to me in this letter. How come your absences are okay, but mine were not? This question bothers me. If people cannot make rehearsal they should step down from their spots, just as I was asked last year. But, that is not the case; and since everyone except me is exempt from missing practice for whatever trivialities are ailing them at the moment, I will step down as the drummer for this band. These are not terms by which I will rejoin the band. I have already left the band, but you guys should be aware of what you’re doing when you’re dealing with another person/drummer. Treat everyone with the same courtesy and respect. Understandably, Shaun and Tony are the owners of the band and much equipment, but that should not exempt you or raise you above the other performers or treating others with respect, courtesy, and professionalism. As far as playing any gigs: since I have gotten the impression that you do not value the time that I’ve spent with SCR rehearsing and gigging, my time is not free anymore. I do not like my time, energy, or mind toyed with. I’m sure Shaun can find some drummers that will play for free. After Monday, SCR has not given me a reason worthy enough to play gigs. If you’re looking for a common courtesy on my end, understand that my patience with SCR has been tried and the limit has been reached. I will not play gigs simply to play gigs. As far as producing the album: I have plenty of money, but I will certainly not put it into the hands of SCR anytime soon. The band has displayed an excessive amount of instability and fickleness, and it will take an excessive amount of proving yourselves trustworthy with money before I hand mine over. This is purely a business decision. What would you do in my shoes? Give money away? I definitely want to see this album produced, and I want to do my part in producing it because of the countless hours I spent in the studio, and rehearsals. But at the moment SCR has bigger problems on their hands besides getting the album out. As far as materials created by me – lyrics, some drum parts etc.: Please help yourselves to my lyrics and parts if you wish. I wrote them for the band. Please, merely extend me the professional courtesy of including me in the credits. If you trash everything, that’s understandable too because this is now purely business. Please understand that this is business now – this is not personal, so please curb your tempers. On the human level, I really care about you guys a lot and it pains me to do this as it pained me to leave the first time. I believe in the music. I love the music we have created, and I love the people in the band, but we all know there’s more to it than just playing and getting along – there’s business. Good luck. "

whewee! are you still here? did you make it through all of that?

well personally I dont believe this.. I think he simply doesnt share our passion for music and has more important things going on his life.. A simple "I'm tired of this band and I quit" would have sufficed.. and I think the whole "PhD- a doctrate level degree" thing has gone too his head a bit.. and the part about not trusting us with money is rather insulting as well. I am grateful for the contributions he made to this band, some great lyrics, drum tracks and live performances.. but I think we are all ready to turn this page and move forward, however "unstable" and "fickle" we are.

We arent skipping a beat, the whole band is ready to find a replacement, release the cd, and return to rock glory!! more posts! coming soon.. guess we'll find out if anyone is reading this thing ;)


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

overcoming adversity.. and other stuff

Wowee! geeeez tension is running high in the band as of late.. having rehearsal seems to be a chore for everyone, and its like pulling teeth trying to book a show. some of us are having financial situations and other personal stress.. it seems like Samuel Caldwell's Revenge is running on fumes! fortunately I am not one for quitting, obviously Shaun shares my passion for this band no matter how rough it may get.. and I'm sure Old Dirty Major does as well despite occasionally threatening to quit. Ricardo is always busy with something and hardly ever replies to me.. I understand to an extent but It would be nice to not always be in the dark about when, where, and what is going on with him. Mike is being a trooper.. staying in contact, coming to most practices despite having to get up in the wee hours of the morning and having little ones to take care of as well. hes not afraid to speak his mind when things are irritating him.. which is a good thing but sometimes he comes off as being pessimistic. as for me I'm in it for the long haul, I told these guys when i joined that I was not going to do this unless they meant business.. and I trusted the determination they had to make it happen and be successful.

I missed practice on Monday because my girlfriend had just got out of the hospital and she was pretty traumatized.. If anyone in the band does not understand that then too bad.. It was the right thing to do. I've been practicing guitar everyday which I always do.. and putting together some new material for us to work on. I also have taken an active role in booking more shows for us even though its so hard to get us all on the same page for one..

The last mix I got of the cd sounded really sweet! Shaun has done some really wicked stuff with the vocals and back-ups.. I'm excited! I do think the guitars were a little quiet though and some of our parts were getting lost in the mix.. thats why we make suggestions and try to rectify the problems.. and thats why it is taking so long to release this thing haha!

Well in a nutshell we are all having some issues and complaints but I'm sure we will ride this thing through as we always have.. and I'm sure after the next few shows we will rekindle our enthusiasm and return to rock glory!! guess we'll see... sorry for my lack of posts, I'll post more soon!!

p.s. I dont like pecans (cuz i dont like nuts)

-Will aka Willius Oridius Rockodus II

Monday, August 6, 2007

don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining

GRRRRRR.....No new blogs from band members! I'm all alone here. (thanks Will for the comment but the world needs to know of any progress your making as well) I have a strong feeling that no one else from our band is even reading this blog. It's effectiveness is almost mute... I can almost guarantee that no band members are active promoting the blog either. I don't mean to bitch, but I really want to hear about what everyone else is doing( in regards to the band of course) If this blog is any indication, nobody in the band is making any progress. My vote on the poll to the right will be "ARE THEY STILL A BAND??" Prove me wrong guys...prove me wrong!

Oh, I did not make any more progress either, I will be working on the layout of the cd tonight...hopefully. Were supposed to have band practice tonight as well;However ,From what Old Dirty is telling me, that probably won't happen.. RATS!! This CD will never come out BAH!

P.S. HAHAH...Just venting, I check the blog everyday hoping I could get some insight into what the other guys are working on outside of band practice. TO NO AVAIL!!

(not so)Wicked!!


Friday, August 3, 2007

I put the "PRO" in Procrastination

Damn! I did it again. I let the "Pro" get the best of me last night. I ment to sit down and work on the Intro for one of the songs, but instead I didn't. Bah... I'm not sure if I will get to it tonight either.(double BAH) I will definatly try. I have to work on the layout for the cd as well. I think tonight I will at least do a scratch layout with on paper with crudely drawn ideas for each panel. I am figuring on at least 4 panels for the cardboard case and 8 for the booklet. I have some ideas, but I need to get them down so that they can be evaluated outside of my head. They need to be reviewed by the rest of the band as well. Also any input they may have needs to noted. I have not seen the "whole" band in weeks. I was hoping that this blog could serve as a way for us to see eachothers progress, but it seems that I may be the only one even reading and contributing to the blog (of band members of course, Im sure there are millions in the general public that read my terrible writing everyday) Where are you Mike, Will, Old Dirty and R.G.? Is anybody out-there?



Thursday, August 2, 2007

I did it!! I did it!!

Last night I beat procrastination for at least one night. I got to the studio last night and actually got something accomplished..NICE!! I finished the additional backup vocals on one song and redid the main vocals for a song that I was not happy with. I also added backup harmonies to that song as well. Hurray!! So for tonight, I need to redo the intro that Kevin accidentally deleted and work on the layout of the album. And look I blogged again today! Thats Three days in a row. I have to get Will to post again on the progress the band has been making at practice. Stay tuned!



Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm a Sad Puppy

I was really excited to get things done last night. I got to the studio around 11:30. I was getting ready to tackle some of the tasks I had been meaning to get to, then it happened... I turned on the time thief! I turned on the TV and on the History channel a program about far of galaxies and the universe was on. I got sucked in! I did not do a thing. After a while I got tired and fell asleep. I awoke to realize I had missed out on any progress that I had intended on making. BAH!! The one redeeming thing is that I am blogging today!! So tonight I won't make any puppy's sad and actually work on the song that I need to add backups to.. GO ME!!!
Also, where is the rest of the band. Old Major, Will and R.G. have posted at least once but Mike has not posted at all. Also R.G. Promised us that he would post at the very least, weekly ,but has not lived up to his "Commitment". I do believe he stated in his first post that, and I quote
The drummer for SCR does not verbally, physically, or ethereally commit to posting daily (every 24 hours) on this blog; the drummer does, in fact, COMMIT to posting at MINIMUM once a week, until said album is completed. Any additional postings are a bonus. The drummer does agree to Rock!

Hmmmm Interesting



Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another Day

Here we are back again. Well, I wish I had more to report. We have not done much in the past few weeks toward the completion of the record. I am working on a barter/trade thing with a web designer to design and produce our webpage for the record. Judging from some of the examples he has shown me, it looks like it will be pretty wicked professional. The idea is to have a one page website dedicated to the album. I want to stream the whole record on this page as well as provide any information as far as shows and news.(and of course how to BUY the record....NICE!!) I took a night shift at my job so the guys have been having practice without me :( Good news for any fans out there as they have been learning new songs for the NEXT record. Also,Kevin accidentally deleted some to the files for an intro that I did. I will have to redo that and finish up some additional back up vocals. Kevin has been mixing the songs in the mean time and we have been listening to them to determine if any changes need to be made...sheesh. With August coming up tomorrow, a NOVEMBER 07' release date is slipping away. There is an overall lack of motivation right now that needs to be changed (I include myself as well). I still need to finish the layout for the cd but I have been to lazy to work on it. THAT CHANGES TODAY!! I AM GOING TO BLOG AGAIN EVERYDAY AND MAKE SOME SORT OF PROGRESS E-V-E-R-Y D-A-Y!!!!! Tonight I will work on the layout and record the extra backups for at least one song!!




Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Boo- YA!~

Sorry about not posting as often as I promised.We ran into an issue with the Internet at the studio,my primary place of blogging!! Any who, Progress is going good!
As Kevin began doing all the preliminary mixes he noted that the recording of the drums on one of the songs was sub par...So Ricardo RE-RECORDED it. Also He recorded a little fun extra(you will have to wait for the record to find out..HA!!) I have been listening to the initial mixes and have noted some areas that may need additional harmony backup vocals;However, we are still making great strides in regards to what I will call Administrative aspects of the record. such as: album art,production and distribution.
We are currently in the process of redesigning our myspace.. very soon we will be posting one of the finished songs there. Also Once the record is complete we will be putting up a special site for the Album in which we will stream the whole record!!! SHWEEET!
I hope you are telling your friends (although they won't believe you!! they will say Samuel Caldwell's Revenge has had a record coming out for almost 2 years..Bah!)
Just so you guys know we have already began work on our second release, I have about three skeletons of songs and Will has....well a virtual plethora of songs...So the next record will NOT take as long!!!



Thursday, July 12, 2007

looks like the boys are having some internet issues so i figured i'd take it upon myself to write a post.. we started working on new material monday. we learned a song i wrote a while back titled "demon killing spree under a full moon". there are no lyrics i just thought that title sounded kinda cool.. we made it through the song a few times and i think we all enjoyed where it was going. later that night i imported it to nuendo and edited it to the final structure we had come up with. i finished writing a bridge and solo for another song ive been working on today.. its gonna be mega wicked!

we are sitting on enough material to write our next two albums its just a matter of learning it all. ive got tons of songs ready to go.. tonys got boxes of lyrics.. and shaun always has something up his sleave so theres no reason why we shouldnt be able to make our next few records happen. sometimes i wonder how much if at all anyone else practices in their own time though.. it would be nice not having to re-learn everything over and over again because nobody remembers what happened the week before, which was most likeley the last time they even attempted to play.. meh. i'm moody today.. every time we play a show or make a step forward we seem to fall into a cushion of sorts and lose momentum. i just dont want to see that happen again.

on that note i'll say i'm trying to put a few more shows together from scratch. seeing as how we almost never play with bands in a similar genre as us, this should make for some wicked awesome shows. i got mike vendetta looking out on the fort worth scene but havent heard much about it, im trying to focus on denton and austin shows.
gotta keep this thing going, plus it always looks nice to have a few dates on your website so people know your serious..

in other news i got a flat tire on my car, blew a tube in my jcm 900, a dog ate my glasses and the rain finally stopped only to reveal a disgusting, hot and humid day.. did i mention im cranky? haha ok thats my 2 cents! i'll post again soon!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

One Shall Stand...

...And one shall fall. That is the famous line from Transformers. In the cartoon, Optimus Prime dies from wounds inflicted by the evil Megatron. In the movie there is a twist, which I will not disclose. I begin this blog with Transformers because I feel it is my responsibility to tell the world about responsiblity, and transformation.

Yes, Samuel Caldwell's Revenge has the power to transform the world much like the Transformers in the "Transformers" movie transform Earth. You must allow Samuel Caldwell's Revenge to transform you. You may ask: How do I go about doing this? Well, you must purchase, listen to, and unite with The Power to Consume Ourselves (a Samuel Caldwell's Revenge production). Much like it is my responsibility to tell you about this upcoming transformation, it is your responsiblity to stand with us - Samuel Caldwell's Revenge.

I must stress the connection between Transformers, and Samuel Caldwell's Revenge. We (Samuel Caldwell's Revenge) are like the Transformers that will transform the Earth, and you are like the incredible human beings that allow the tranformation to transform you. Yes, I know it sounds incredibly difficult and philosophical, but the beginning of all good transformation seems like this at first.

So, at the end of this blog "One shall stand, and one shall fall." Will you stand with Optimus Prime, and Samuel Caldwell's Revenge? Or, will you fall with Megatron and his Deceptacons? You choose. We have already chosen. Choose with us. Choose us.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hi All

Lots of stuff going on. Whole Wheat Bread Show was Pretty SHWEEET!!!.
Were working on getting the album art layout finished. I think were gonna go with a cardboard cd case!! so we had to come up with some more artwork. Kevin "Jones" has mixed(1st run) about 3 or 4 songs. After listening to a few of the songs at least one need a few more backup vox(oohs...) We are making progress. sorry for not posting everyday, but I think I can get back on track!!. Big ups to RG for his wicked-ass post!!! NICE!

Friday, June 29, 2007


For security reasons I will not disclose my full identity. I will say, though, that I play an instrument of percussive nature in Samuel Caldwell's Revenge. Also, my initials are R.G. - but those letters could represent an assortment of common words. For example, R.G. could mean: right gear, red goober, run gobbler, rattle garnish, render gaydar, really great, random giddy, restrain Gandalf. The list could go on forever, so don't even try to guess who I really am.

Now that formalities are over, I want to congratulate the band for its fortitude throughout the recording of this recording. You see, fortitude runs through Samuel Caldwell's Revenge like gravy runs through turkey veins on Thanksgiving Day. That's right, we are like determined turkeys that embrace the gravy.

Band Trivia---> After getting to know the real men in Sammy C, I pushed for sub-alternate names in case ours was stolen, or lost. These names were based on basting turkeys: Embrace the Gravy, The Determined Turkeys, We Love Turkey and So Should You, The Basters, The Embracers, and Gravy's Revenge.

I'm sure by now you realize how innovative we are. Well, my friend, you ain't seen nothin' yet - as the saying goes. But on a real note: The cover art is super duper radical and I fully endorse its use for our album. Just think of the incredible fist-like activities you could embark upon if you had an enormous fist hanging over a disorganized city. Great job on the cover art singer of Samuel Caldwell's Revenge (For security reasons, no names will be named).

Well, this is where we part until the next time. I wanted to introduce myself and what Samuel Caldwell's Revenge is all about: IMAGINATION. That's right folks, Sammy C is about using your imagination to listen to our groundbreaking album - coming soon!

Fine Print: The drummer for SCR does not verbally, physically, or ethereally commit to posting daily (every 24 hours) on this blog; the drummer does, in fact, commit to posting at minimum once a week, until said album is completed. Any additional postings are a bonus. The drummer does agree to Rock!

**certain restrictions apply**
The information aforementioned in this blog is subject to become null and void at the discretion, and judgment of the author of aforesaid blog; or, the band ceases to conduct full rehearsals (all members of the band).

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Aftermath

Hello All,
The police were AMAZING. I had just recently really gotten ito them
so I knew almost all the songs they played. No major progress the last two days
as far a the record is concerned. I worked a little on the redesign for our myspace.
Also courted ODM's brother to assist with artwork for the cd. We should be making a little more progress today!! SHWEEET



Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Police!!

Me and ODM or going to be attending THE POLICE concert today..WICKED
Probobly won't get much done today, but we were very productive last night at practice. We should have a some videos up soon. We recorded practice both audio and video. Hopefully we should have somthing up in the next weeks or so. no promises
umm well, I will try to post again after the concert.